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The Winterfell Wipeout in Kings Landing | A Game of Thrones | Arya IV | A Song of Ice and Fire

April 21, 2021

On Todays Episode of The Obsidian Nights Podcast where read A Song of Ice and Fire Chapter by Chapter we are covering Arya 4, Chapter 50 of A Game of Thrones! Arya Stark is training with Syrio Forel and is interrupted by Ser Meryn Trant and a party of Lannister guardsmen. When Meryn demands Arya come with him, Syrio senses something odd and fights the guards, giving Arya time to escape. At the stables Arya finds her sword Needle and kills a stable boy who attempts to capture her before escaping via the dungeons of the Red Keep.This is the Winterfell Wipeout in Kings landing thru the eyes of Arya Stark. Thanks for listening!


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